Dark Web Monitoring


Only 45% of people change a password after a Security Breach.

Almost two-thirds of people use the same password across multiple accounts.


81% of hacking-related breaches used stolen passwords


33% of account-compromised victims have stopped doing business with companies and websites that leaked their credentials.

24/7 Monitoring

The ability to monitor for the appearance of sensitive data such as email addresses, login credentials, and financial information, on the dark web.

Deep-Web Crawling

Advanced algorithms that scan the dark web, including hidden networks and marketplaces, detect any breaches.

Contextual Analysis

Analysis of data found on the dark web, such as how it is being used or offered for sale.

Regular Reporting

Regular reports providing an overview of the findings and any actions taken to mitigate risk

Get it before a hacker does

A shadowy corner of the internet where cyber criminals lurk. Don’t let them catch you off guard! With dark web monitoring, you can stay one step ahead of the bad guys by keeping an eye on your company’s data and credentials. Our advanced algorithms scan the dark web 24/7 to detect any breaches, giving you the power to act fast and minimize damage. Don’t let the dark web catch you in the dark, invest in dark web monitoring​. ​

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