Secure Service Edge


Secure Service Edge

The Secure Service Edge (SSE) is a network architecture that aims to provide secure access to network services at the edge of your network.

Secure Remote Access

Working from home can be as secure as an office.

Reduce Costs

No need to buy expensive hardware to achieve next-gen security.

Centralised Management

Control everything from a centralised dashboard.


What is Secure Service Edge?

SSE architecture aims to provide secure connectivity and access control to protect against external threats, while also enabling a wide range of network services, such as virtual private networking (VPN), firewall, and content filtering. SSE architecture can be implemented using hardware, software, or a combination of both, depending on the specific requirements of the network. It is often used in enterprise networks, campus networks, and service provider networks to provide secure connectivity and access to network services.

Say Goodbye to Remote User worries!

Iron Wolf's SSE

Iron Wolf’s SSE deployments provide secure, encrypted connections for remote users, protecting their data and transactions from cyber threats.

Improve Performance

SSE can help improve the performance of remote access for users by reducing network latency and optimizing the flow of traffic.

SSE Help Remote User

SSE can help ensure that remote users have reliable access to the resources and services they need, even if there are network outages or other disruptions.

Work From Anywhere

SSE allows remote users to access resources and services from any location, using any device, making it easier for them to work from anywhere.

Reliable Connectivity

Secure Web Gateway

Secure DNS

Next-Generation Firewall


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